Bathroom Remodeling

New Bathroom after RemodelIs it worth remodeling the bathroom?  Heck yeah!!!
There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom. We have found that homeowners today want more from a bathroom remodel.  In addition to just being functional, homeowners are looking to make their bathroom a soothing environment where they can relax after a busy day.  More amenities are being added to the bathrooms, today and a bathroom remodeling project may include the addition of a large deep soaking tub, a whirlpool bath or a steam shower, just to name a few ideas.




Modern BathroomA Few Good Pointers about Preparing for Your Bathroom Remodel.
Evaluate your space, do some research online and in magazines, to help you develop your new bathroom remodeling design. Think about which fixtures you will want, and what style pleases you. Do you want a vintage vanity or something more contemporary? This will lend more clues to your final design.The vanity and your new bathroom flooring may have the most impact on your bath design. Don't be in a hurry, take the time needed to design a bathroom remodel that will be a pleasurable addition to your home for many years.  Contact Craig Stuart Homes and let them put their design tools to work for you.  Get a Better Design in Less Time.




Bathroom after the RemodelMore Reasons to Remodel your Bathroom(s).
Remodeling a bathroom will increase the dollar value of your home, and this is one home improvement that will be a good investment. Aside from the pleasure your new bath will give you, if in the future you sell your home, having Craig Stuart Homes remodel your bathroom will both increase your home's value and it's selling appeal.  We also recommend that you contact your accountant about the possibility of additional tax incentives for home improvement projects such as a bathroom remodel.