Garages - Attached & Detached

Garage - Detached from the homeGarage getting a little cramped?  Find out more about a garage addition.
Building a garage addition has many benefits. If you live in a colder climate, and don’t have a car garage, you know what it is like to step out of your house into a -5o F morning to start the car.
Sometimes the door locks are frozen, the car seat is stiff to sit in and the engine is sluggish to start, if it does at all. After about 5 minutes of running the engine, the car is usually warm enough to begin to see the windows defrost.  Not to mention you and your vehicle are safer in your new garage and your vehicles paint and interior will last so much longer.  Insurance discounts are also common for garaged vehicles.



Large Toy GarageA Garage protect your tools, vehicles and equipment from the elements.
If you change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks on your car, and don’t have a garage, you know what it is like to crawl under the car out in the driveway and roll in the dirt and have insects crawling on you while you're loosening the oil pan nut.
If you live in a neighborhood with teenagers, and you don’t have a garage, you know what it is like to go out to your car on the occasional morning and see it vandalized in some way.




Large Garage filled with Exotic CarsLet's shelter your vehicles and other household equipment in style.
Craig Stuart can build you the ultimate toy garage for all of your prize posessions.  Why not go ahead and turn your garage into an unbelievable showcase center for your vehicles and equipment.  Craig Stuart Homes, Inc. has the expertise necessary to handle your spare-no-expense garage when perfect isn't good enough.  Craig enjoys being personally involved in all of his projects and making himself available to ensure that the project stays right on target.