Siding and Windows


Your choice of house siding will help prevent moisture penetration and the growth of biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites and bacteria. These three types of biological contaminants have been known to cause allergic, respiratory, and other health problems in humans. Rain, snow and frost are the moisture concerns. If rain, snow or frost get behind the siding, the moisture makes the wall sheathing soft, degrading the strength of the entire house frame. Home Siding when properly selected and installed will greatly improve the look of your property.

Some of the common pests that may reside behind poor or inappropriate siding are dust mites, carpenter ants, and termites. Dust mites are a common allergy concern. Carpenter ants and termites, as they eat away at the home siding and undermine the strength of a wooden frame. A carefully chosen siding, appropriate for your climate and the amount of care you are willing to devote to its maintenance, will not only give your house siding a new look, but protect your family's health and safety.Beautifully Sided Home LP SmartSideHome built with HardiePlank®  Let Craig Stuart help you determine the best siding for your family.






Whether your project is for replacement windows, to upgrade old with new, or for cosmetic purposes; the style, type and size will determine more factors than just price, effectiveness and appearance. Window selection will also determine whether you will require the services of an experienced professional, or can handle installation yourself as a DIY replacement window project.

Installing replacement windows can be a do it yourself project for a few homeowners with modest handyman skills. However, installing a large or specialty window requires a higher level of skill, so a window replacement contractor or professional window installer may be your best bet.Room with Windows Windows in the Swimming Pool RoomWindows in a Home  Let Craig Stuart Homes make window decisions easy for you.



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